King size memory foam mattress has become a recent addition to the bedroom. The popularity of memory foam mattresses has increased abundantly due to the support it provides for people who suffer from back pain. It is made of flexible polyurethane foam which contains chemicals that increase its density and viscosity. Previously, these foams were used in space rockets for absorbing shocks and comforting. But nowadays memory foams are used mainly for domestic and medical purposes.

For domestic purposes, memory foams are used to produce a wide variety of products. The most popular and widely used product is obviously the memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are popular for augmenting the quality of sleep. Memory foam mattress topper is a similar product, much thinner, that is used to decrease the inflexibility of conventional mattresses or to safeguard other quality mattresses. Memory foam is also used to make pillows. It is also used in the making of neck and head rests that can be used by travelers in planes, cars or trains. Memory foam slippers are also available in the market and these are found to ensure great level of comfort and support.

For medical purposes, memory foams are used in making beds for hospitals. These are also used as an orthopedic seating pad that helps people in recovering from severe injuries hastily. Memory foams are also used in making custom-designed seating that benefit patients with severe impairment. These foams can also be made as twist pillows, neck and head rests, foot and knee cushions, wrist stabilizers and much more.

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