Replacing the cushion in your favorite chairs, couches, or beds is an inexpensive way to upgrade the quality and feel without having to pay for completely new furniture. These cushions are available in common shapes to fit popular needs. However, the cushions can also be customized to fit your needs precisely. Popular for boaters, the cushions also come in standard sizes to fit boat seats and beds. For example, the cushions already come in sizes to fit a boat mattress, a circle seat, and window seats. When cushioning your furniture, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, it is important to select the best foam to accommodate your needs. Your new cushions may be made of conventional foam, the most common fillers for mattresses, couch cushions, and other inodor setting and bedding options. For outdoor use, the dryfast foam is ideal because of its excellent ability to allow water and other liquids to flow through it easily.

When purchasing your foam, it is important to consider the support, comfort, and durability. The foam should be able to support weight that is put on it. This is affected by the thickness of the foam. When considering comfort, the softer the foam is, the better the foam feels. However, going too soft will hinder the amount of support the foam can provide. It is important to consider a alance of the two. Resilience and firmness should be evaluated when considering durability. High density foams have a much higher resilience rate than lower dense, cheap foams.

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