Why Should I play the Lottery?

Millions of Americans play the lottery each year, but there are still some people who never participate in a single game. Why? Many people believe that playing the lottery is a waste of time. They believe that the odds are against them or it’s just a waste of money. Yet the fact remains that winners come forth all the time, including the latest winner Eduardo Hernandez who won $6.5 million after playing a $10 Lucky for Life Scratchers ticket. If you’re one of the few who have not played the lottery yet, it is worth considering the reasons you might want to change your mind. Here are some reasons to play the lottery.

To Support California Public Schools

Whether you get tickets at your local liquor store or get lottery tickets online, part of every dollar you play goes towards California’s public education. According to the CA Lottery website, 95 percent of every dollar is returned to the community towards public education and player prizes.

To Win Big

You could be the next millionaire simply because you played the lottery. Draw games such as Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, and Mega Millions have multi-million dollar jackpots. But even if you don’t win millions, you can still win money playing the lottery, and any amount is exciting. Many people use their winnings to play again, ensuring that they don’t go over your budget when playing the lottery.

To Have Fun

The best reason to play the CA lottery is because it’s fun. While there is a possibility you will also win money, it’s important to be realistic about the game. The fact is that playing the lottery is gambling. Instead of planning your retirement, consider the money you spend on playing the lottery as an entertainment cost.

History of Poker

Starting an internet sweepstakes cafe business is easy with a little bit of guidance. Participants can play popular games such as Slots, Blackjack and Poker and win a variety of prizes. These games can be used as a promotional tool for your business and offers a fair and easy way to win. The history of these games is just as interesting as playing them. As an internet cafe owner, knowing the origin of Poker sweepstakes software will allow you to be informed in choosing which games you want for your business.

 photo Poker_zps6db8f68f.jpg

Most agree that Poker started sometime in the early 1800s. The game was commonly played in saloons and Mississippi steamers around the time of the Louisiana purchase in 1803. The infant stage of Poker’s development began with a 20 card game distributed evenly among players. In the 1830s, the game slowly shifted to the 52 card standard used today to complicate the odds and raise the maximum number of players able to participate. Poker developed into a game of skill, and bluffing became an integral part of the process.

Some draw the origins as far back as China, but the only dates confirmed are those mentioned above. The reason why classic card games are so hard to originate is because those who develop them don’t realize how popular they will become. This means that record of these games in their early stages is sparse if it exists at all. Like most ideas, card games develop over time through the experiences of many different people, so unlike a written work, it is difficult to name one person or group of people responsible for its creation.