5 Ways to Get Around the Cayman Islands

Few would dispute the assertion that the Cayman Islands are one of the most relaxing and beautiful destinations on the planet. From the boisterous nightlife of George Town to the tranquil serenity of its many beaches, the Caymans have it all. Getting around the islands is an unsurprisingly hassle-free experience. Better yet, you’ll have many transportation options to choose from once you’ve made your arrival.


Get a Scooter

The Caymans are a mere 102 square miles in area, so getting from point A to point B typically doesn’t entail much travel time. Renting a scooter can be a fun way to take in the sights at a leisurely pace. Most businesses that offer rental cars in Grand Cayman will be able to set you up with a scooter.

Rent a Car

For the utmost convenience, you’ll definitely want to rent a car to get around. To nab a car rental in Grand Cayman Island, you’ll need a driver’s permit, which costs CI$16.00 and requires the applicant to have a valid license in their home country. Once you’ve obtained a permit, any rental company such as Avis or Budget can accommodate you.

Hire a Taxi

If you don’t plan on venturing far from your lodgings, catching a taxi when necessary can actually cost you less than a car rental. Grand Cayman in particular is teeming with taxi cabs that are easy to hail. Unlike some island destinations, you don’t have to worry about getting taken for a metaphorical ride by unscrupulous cabbies and taxi companies.

Take the Bus

One of the nicest things about Grand Cayman is its fantastic public transportation. Buses run as late as midnight on the weekends and only cost a few dollars. The focal point of the bus system is the main station in the center of George Town. If you see a bus passing by, simply flag it down to hitch a ride.

Leverage Pedal Power

Overall, the Caymans are a bicycle-friendly jurisdiction thanks to its heavy reliance on the tourism industry. With a deposit or a credit card, you can rent a decent bike for as little as $20 per day. There are several reputable bicycle rental shops in George Town to choose from. Many also rent scooters in case you’d like to switch modes of transportation later on.

No Wrong Answers

When you’re in a life-changing locale such as Grand Cayman, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to choosing how you get around. The beauty of the Caymans is that there are a wide variety of transportation methods available that will serve you well no matter where you’re going or what you decide to do with your time.


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How to Make the Cayman Islands Even Better

If you’ve been to the Cayman Islands, I don’t need to tell you what a beautiful place it is. There’s a reason hundreds of thousands of people make the time every year to visit the beloved tourist destination. But some have found a way to make the islands even better in ever regard.

Cayman Islands property leasing has become a boom industry thanks to how amazing the islands are. The way it works is someone purchases a home (or townhome, etc.) in the Cayman Islands. They use it whenever they want to visit their beautiful new second home. However, when they’re not there, they opt to rent it out to other people who would like to vacation there. Renting these homes is always a popular option as they provide a greater level of luxury than a typical hotel. There’s more privacy, greater amenities and usually these homes are closer to favorite destinations.

To make the process even simpler, owners take advantage of Cayman property management services. These are services who exist solely to look after an owner’s home while they’re away and renting it to people vacationing in the Cayman Islands. It’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is always looking out for your investment. You also won’t be bothered with a million phone calls or emails by tenants with questions.

People who love the Cayman Islands should consider buying a second home there and renting it out. Those who do should consider a management service to watch over their investment.


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The Cayman Islands is a Paradise for People and Business

The Cayman Islands have long been the go to spot for people looking to get away and relax. They are especially popular for destination weddings, anniversaries and even family holidays. But there’s another side to The Cayman Islands few think about: the business side.

 Cayman condo rentals, for example, have been a bargain investment for decades. People purchase a condo and then rent it out to vacationers at a profit. Best of all, if the owners ever feel like taking a quick vacation, they have a place to stay in one of the premier destinations’ on the planet.

Other opportunities are unique to established business. Those with actual stores and locations can look to Cayman Islands property leasing companies for deals on real estate. With the constant tourism, a business in The Cayman Islands can expect turnover business weekly.

The Cayman Islands are also well known as a tax haven for their extreme generosity to local businesses. This is why so many international companies keep offices on the Islands. This is also why so many people have begun to invest in condo space down here. Not only do you get the aforementioned benefits, but you’re also getting them tax free!

When you think about The Cayman Islands, it’s easy to think of the sandy beaches, perfect weather and nice people. But going forward, keep in mind the business opportunities too.


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Be a Smart Investor

There are different kinds of people in our society. These differences may be distinguished on the basis of something physical such as race, intellectual such as profession and attitudinal such as perceptions and decisions. Whether we like it or not (and a fact that we have grown to accept), some people are just really not cut out to do or be something.

Case in point, it’s really hard to talk someone into investing in long-term assets when his perception all throughout life was to always take the safer route and minimize all risk. We can try, there’s no doubt about that, but more likely than not, it’s going to be painstaking, and often unnecessary considering that there will always be other options out there.

Say you happen to run into some properties your parents have given you, and they’ve let that investment sit there and gather dust. You want to make money out of it, but since your perception of investing is to just wait for the perfect timing to liquidate it, you sit on it even more. Truth is, there’s a better choice out there.

You might want to set those properties up for Cayman Islands residential leasing or Cayman Islands property leasing so that it can start generating you money at a more immediate timeframe. Best part about it, that you don’t even have to do it yourself. There are people out there that can help you make that choice, and that choice might just be for the better.

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