Dentists, even experienced ones, might make mistakes in their job, either by accident or due to their own carelessness. The biggest brunt of these mistakes is borne by the patient.

Dental treatments are already extremely expensive compared to many other medical fields, and if instead of the problem getting fixed, more is piled on top of it, then that ends up becoming a huge financial burden on the patient. The patient also suffers from physical and emotional injuries.

California dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy says that the type of mistake made by a dentist can be direct or indirect. Regardless of which it is, if the patient suffers considerable damage from it, it is the dentist’s responsibility to make amends.

They could either fix their mistake for free if the mistake is fixable, or they should give full financial compensation for it. Dane Levy believes every patient has the right to receive compensation for the dentist’s mistake, according to the medical code of conduct.

However, if the dentist refuses to do that, then the affected patient has two options: let it go or take things to court. The latter is naturally recommended, especially if the loss is huge. While it’s not guaranteed, if you have required proof and a strong, experienced lawyer by your side, there is a good chance that suing your dentist will get you the recompensation you deserve.

But first, you have to understand whether your case qualifies as dental malpractice and what chances you have of winning. For that, you will have to consult a lawyer before hiring them. If you’re in California, then OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy from Levy Law Firm is available for consultation. With his years of experience and success history, he might be able to help you recover your losses to a great extent.

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