The Cayman Islands have long been the go to spot for people looking to get away and relax. They are especially popular for destination weddings, anniversaries and even family holidays. But there’s another side to The Cayman Islands few think about: the business side.

 Cayman condo rentals, for example, have been a bargain investment for decades. People purchase a condo and then rent it out to vacationers at a profit. Best of all, if the owners ever feel like taking a quick vacation, they have a place to stay in one of the premier destinations’ on the planet.

Other opportunities are unique to established business. Those with actual stores and locations can look to Cayman Islands property leasing companies for deals on real estate. With the constant tourism, a business in The Cayman Islands can expect turnover business weekly.

The Cayman Islands are also well known as a tax haven for their extreme generosity to local businesses. This is why so many international companies keep offices on the Islands. This is also why so many people have begun to invest in condo space down here. Not only do you get the aforementioned benefits, but you’re also getting them tax free!

When you think about The Cayman Islands, it’s easy to think of the sandy beaches, perfect weather and nice people. But going forward, keep in mind the business opportunities too.


Article submitted by Rem Services. The company has over thirty-five years of experience managing properties in The Cayman Islands. Their reputation for Cayman residential property management is unmatched in the industry.

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