Fun fact; humans spend more time on cushions than any other material. On average, humans sleep for seven hours and most people spend at least five hours sitting down every day. With that fact alone, we can say that in one whole day/night cycle we spend twelve hours or half of our time on cushions. If you add to that the fact that most shoes have thin cushions in them too then we practically spend our entire lives lying, sitting or standing on cushions!

Given that bit of cushion fun fact, the importance of having good foam distributors to take care of the cushion supply needs of industrial foam users is very much understated! If you need cushion supply like say, if you are a bed, chair or couch manufacturer, an essential part of your business is finding the right partner for you that can give you excellent cushion wholesale deals for today and tomorrow’s manufacturing needs. The main selling point of most furniture after all is how comfortable the end user will feel once they own said furniture.

Now what any self-respecting furniture maker should look for in a cushion wholesale provider is first and foremost, excellent foam quality. Foam needs to have just the right amount of resistance so that the customer does not sink into the furniture but does not feel like he is sitting on a rock as well. Secondly, great foam distributors can provide good quality for a competitive price.

Article submitted by Foam Distributing. Foam Distributing provides world class cushion supply that are both high quality and affordable.

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