Something universal in this world is seating. Whether you are at home, in the car, at work or even when you are on a weekend getaway on your boat, we all use seats. If you think about it, sitting down is probably the position most people are in for most of their days. Whether you are a student or are an office worker, you probably spend much time on a chair. What is surprising then is how very little time and thought we put on seat cushions.

It does not matter whether you are sitting on an ultra-luxury couch or your standard office chair, all cushions go flat eventually. Flat seat cushions are both hard on the eyes and detrimental to our health. A flat cushion looks old, dirty and sometimes even downright disgusting. Aside from that the health effects of continuously using flat cushions can be serious as well. Using flat cushions can lead to lower back problems such as chronic pain, disk slips or even scoliosis.

Luckily, replacement cushions are easily and cheaply available at your favorite retail stores and online retailers. Whether you are looking for an office chair or sofa seat cushions or outdoor and marine foam cushions, a good foam supplier or retailer will have just the right kind of foam for you. Depending on your needs, there are different kinds of foam available. There are lower grade foams for furniture that see infrequent use and high end ones for heavy use. There are even marine and outdoor foams that are resilient and water resistant.

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