Foam cushions are among the best to use for beds and sofa seats, as they are soft, comfortable to rest on, and do not easily break. Unlike other types of cushions, foam is also more economical, as it is more durable and is usually resilient to wear and tear. But of course over time, you may have to replace your queen size memory foam mattress, or the sound deadening foam sheets on your bedroom walls. But how do you know that it’s time to start anew and get rid of the old foam cushion you are using?

First of all, the lifespan of a foam mattress is around 15 years. Softer mattresses only stay in shape for up to 10 years, and afterwards they already have to be replaced. This is because the foam inside the mattress is already deformed, and it could no longer go back to its original shape. Meanwhile, if you are using a foam mattress with spring support, then you can use it for around 20 years, as it is stronger than the foam-only variant. You may also want to check for cracks and brittleness on your foam sheets, especially when you are using acoustic foam; these cracks make the whole sheet defective, as the sound can now pass through the walls through the tiny openings.

Article submitted by Canada Foam by Mail. This company concentrates on providing high quality foam products, including cushions with polystyrene insulation that helps increase comfort, and as well as weight balance on mattresses and seats.

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