Always choose a high quality foam replacement that is guaranteed to last for years. Less expensive replacements will start to disintegrate and fall apart within the first year. Replacements that are high quality will last a few years longer before they need replaced.

The invention of foam rubber was the perfect solution for furniture. Foam rubber lasts longer and is easier to replace than traditional seat and back cushions. While many people prefer to replace their furniture cushions with the same material as the original cushions, foam rubber cushions are not only less expensive but can be more comfortable than the original material.

If you need to replace a chair cushion or find a sofa foam replacement be sure you choose cushions or replacements that are comfortable, long lasting and durable. To find seat backs for your couch, chair or even love seat you can find them at Take a look through their extensive inventory for any type of seating or backing you are looking for. If you have a piece of furniture that is an unusual size or shape you can search online for companies that specialize in foam replacements for odd sized and shaped furniture. Once you find a company be sure to check out the price since sometimes it can be more expensive to replace seating or backing on larger furniture and furniture that is an unusual shape. Once you find a good price be sure it is high quality material. Many manufacturers offer a guarantee that the replacement is high quality and will last.

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