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jerry armen

Winter is not the best time to search for a home. When you buy one you will have to move out of your old house and into the new one while it is still cold. Also, you would not be able to tell how green the property was, nor how the plants are laid out when they grow. So there is too much you could lose in information just by moving at the wrong time of the year.

Of course, you should factor in the depression factor when looking at the house against a gray winter sky or surrounded by the mud of some recent rains or half melted snow. Instinctively, Winter just is not the right time to be shopping for a new home.

There are some upsides to selecting your next dwelling in the dead of Winter, though, that many people do not consider. You can feel how well the house is heated at the worst time of the year. It is easier to test for leaks in insulation or loss of heat through the roof. Looking for spots where ice tends to accumulate on the roof or on a corner can lead you to discover weaknesses that will require repairs.

Greenery, while beautiful, also masks the structure and the grounds. You want an objective view of the house and property, so Winter is actually your best friend. Take advantage of the naked nature of Winter when exposing the true nature of your next home purchase

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