One of the most fun games at a fair, carnival, or party involves a baseball radar gun. Guessing the speed of your pitch at the batting cage in hopes of winning a price has been a mainstay at these events for decades.

Most cages, or setups are made from galvanized steel with non-breakable poles, and corners. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and dimensions with most measuring in the 10’X10’ range.

Not only can you choose the dimensions of the cage, you can customize the backdrop of the cage (what people will be throwing at). The level of the baseball radar gun can also be chosen to fit your budget.

If you’re looking to save on the costs of having your own cage, rentals are usually available from a local carnival game and inflatable company. Rentals are an inexpensive option, you won’t have to deal with assembly, and come with their own sports radar gun.

The higher end inflatable models of the pitching game can also double as an entrance to an event creating a gateway to fun before transforming into a child’s opportunity to throw a heater across the plate.

If you already have a batting cage set up, but don’t own a radar to measure speeds, there are many websites that can help you find what you need. There are a plethora of options for level, accuracy, and prices of the guns making it easy for you to choose which radar is right for you.

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