This is a section from the book “Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue that discusses spiritual transformations can alter your fate. This excerpt from the book highlights the importance of treating the world around you with kindness and compassion.

With Tenderness, Embracing the World

The entire cosmos is unfolding around us, but when we close our minds, we also close our eyes! We’ve never seen it before. A Buddhist metaphor for a self-closed state of existence is a spinning jar into which no water can ever be poured.

We will never be able to experience abundance if we remain disconnected from creation and the powers of the universe, despite the fact that it is all-encompassing and easily attained. Get in touch with the cosmic energy.

There is so much abundance all around us. Why aren’t we able to view it? We’re frequently too preoccupied. We don’t always believe in things like that. We’re all worried with getting things done and going places. We never set aside time to practice meditation. We imagine all kinds of bad scenarios that could happen to us. However, we rarely expect that incredible and fantastic things will occur in our life.

Every day, take some time to greet the world with kindness. Make a connection with the Cosmic Energy. Make an effort to reflect on your life at least once a day. What would you like to see different?

This is a quote from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“Once we truly know the significance and purpose of our efforts, we will become unwavering in our choice, and find that nothing can interrupt us anymore. Everything will go smoothly.

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