Did you know that there are over 30 million small businesses in America? Most people are employed in some type of local small business. It may be a café, a retail store or a pet store, but people all over America have great ideas for small businesses. The government needs to support these folks as best it can. When we do that, we make our nation a little stronger.

If you’ve had a dream of owning your own business, then what’s your next step? What’s stopping you from moving forward?

Rep. Justin JD Rossetti comments, “As a small business owner, I understand the importance of helping business owners succeed. These people generate jobs and revenue in each community. They encourage everything from tourism to manufacturing.”

As a business owner myself, I know the pros and cons. When sales fall off for more than a few months, it can be quite distressing. After all, you don’t have unlimited financing or a rich uncle to fall back on. When those sales don’t come in each month, then you can’t make payroll and pay your vendors. Do you close the doors and go back to work in a traditional job? Or do you stick it out and try to turn things around? Most small business owners have a family to think about and this adds a great deal to their worries.

Justin JD Rossetti reminds us that, “Hopefully, things will turn around and you’ll learn some valuable lessons during the course of this setback. Whatever happens, keep reminding yourself that this is the American Dream.”

Rep. JD Rossetti (D-Longview) is a small business owner, school board director and youth baseball coach who lives in Longview with his wife and three boys.

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