Whether you are a brand new store who is in dire need of store fixtures or just looking to add to your current inventory this is a great option to get what you need an affordable price. Options available include retail fixtures, countertop displays, glass displays, jewelry displays, greeting card racks, hat racks, retail shelving, mannequins and many others to choose from.

The acrylic displays is a must have for any new store that wants to attract new clients. You can use these to showcase many different items including clothing, jewelry, coins and anything else that you really want the customers to have access to.  You will have the ability to showcase and organize almost anything that you want with these displays. Your customers will be impressed by how organized and how well everything is displayed that it will help to increase your overall sales.

The clothing hangers are a simple item but can help make a huge difference in your store or boutique. You can use these to hang a wide variety of clothing items including adult and children. You also can choose between wooden or plastic hangers depending on what you are displaying. You may want to choose the wooden hangers for heavier items to ensure they don’t slip while being viewed. For children’s clothing and other light weight items the plastic material would work fine with them. The price that you will pay for your items will depend on the amount that you need and the material that you choose to go with.

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