When you are thinking about replacing your RV bedding there are all different types of foams that you could go with.  When you think about the bedding, the idea of you sleeping on the foam means that you want it to be as comfortable as possible.  Your back is going to thank you for it.


There are several different types of foams.  The most common filler for mattresses, sofa cushions and so on is known as conventional foam.  The foam can be made and formulated to fit all of your various indoor needs.

There is also a dryfast foam that is specialized for outdoor use as it water and other liquids flow right through it.  This is the type of foam used on outdoor patio furniture and so on.

When it is time to replace the foam on your bed in your RV, or on your chair cushion you should do your research.  The quality of the foam can go a long way to deciding just how comfortable that bed or that chair is going to be once the foam is replaced.  Finding an outdoor foam replacement for your patio furniture as mentioned above requires a reliable and quality retailer.  One of the most respected in the foam replacement industry is none other than www.foamreplacement.com as the company has a lot of great information that can help you get informed of your options and choose the most reliable and comfortable option.

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