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There’s a distinct difference between wholesale artificial turf and artificial grass. I’ll try to explain and go over some of those differences as best as I can.


What Is Wholesale?

We’ll start off by explaining the process of wholesale. Wholesale is essentially when there’s a bulk of products ordered all at once for a discounted price that’s usually a very nice discount because you’re doing the manufacturer a favor by purchasing that many products at once.

Turf Versus Grass

Turf is commonly used for sporting events and arenas, we rarely see turf being used in residential areas.

Grass is the most common type of layout we see because it’s easy to maintain (it doesn’t require maintenance)

Grass is also mostly a residential feature and a popular one at that since it doesn’t require any upkeep and it keeps out all of the bugs and insects that usually find homes in them

Which one you want or need really depends on your personal preferences and what you want your yard to look like, aside from your budget as well which will decide what kind of quality you can get.

If you’re looking for a supplier for artificial turf lawn, you should know there’s not many out there but there are some good ones. There are quite a few artificial turf manufacturers such as Whether they’re right for you or not is entirely up to you, you’ll have to go check them out.

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