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Making the decisions to move from a more traditional and natural lawn system to an artificial grass product is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. One, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain and two it looks fantastic all year round.  Even still there are some people who could really benefit from this kind of turf product that are still on the fence. Here are a couple of reasons and situations that are telling you it’s time to switch.


You’re spending way too much time on maintenance and upkeep

Trying to battle with Mother Nature to keep your lawn looking golf course green is never an easy task – that’s why there are professional landscapers and gardeners who devote their full time job to it. It’s hard enough to even get a lawn to that peak condition and shade of green, let alone stay on top of all the factors that influence its health and temperament. If you’re sick of trying to stay one step ahead of nature, you are probably ready for an artificial grass lawn.

You’ve had enough of the hidden costs to keeping a natural lawn

You think your lawn investment is over the moment you buy your new lawn mower and have paid for your land – but you’re wrong. Now you’ll have to deal with seeding the dry and dead patches, replacing certain spots with sod, making sure your lawn is getting all the water and nutrients it needs, keeping it free of clutter and debris – and the list goes on and on. There are only about a million different hidden costs in keeping a lawn nice and fresh looking, not to mention the biggest one of all – your time. When you buy your artificial turf from (one of the best wholesale artificial turf providers), you know exactly what your artificial grass cost is going to be and can budget accordingly. No hidden costs, no secret fees.

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