Commercial kitchens are popular among startup food businesses. This allows them to save money while having access to all the kitchen equipment they need to produce their menu. This is one of the things you learn on a program like the one run by foodtradeconsultants. Every facet of running a food business is covered and is validated by the years of experience behind food trade consultants.

In this article, we have listed five commercial kitchen options that you may choose to lease and start your journey on the food and catering industry.

  1. Shared Commercial Kitchen – This is a type of commercial kitchen wherein several other chefs rents the space out. You will need to check the available schedules for you to freely use the kitchen.
  2. Kitchen at a Venue – If you are catering for a special function, check if the venue has an available commercial kitchen, if it does, you can have the option to rent it out. If you also have contacts for these venues, apply to be the venue’s exclusive caterer.
  3. Restaurant Kitchen – During hours when a restaurant is closed, they allow people to rent out their commercial kitchen.  This is one of the best options as you will know the exact time when you will be able to use the kitchen.
  4. Portable or Temporary Kitchen – Ideal for mobile or of-site food businesses. Rent out portable kitchen equipment and simply move from one location to another. This option is ideal for food trucks.
  5. Private Commercial Kitchen – If you plan for a large scale food business, then, renting out your own commercial kitchen is the best option. Here, you will never need to worry about schedules as you will have a space of your own.

Guest Post By: Food Trade Consultants. Running comprehensive seminars enable those with no prior knowledge or experience in commercial food production to immediately and confidently start a new food business.

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