Foam is a part of every household, it can be found on your sofas, beds, pillows and dining room seats. There are many foam distributors in the market nowadays, you may even search for a cushion supply store through online websites. One of the most common mistakes in purchasing foam is that people often disregard the types of foam available. Knowing the right type of foam will help in keeping your seats fuller and comfortable longer. Here are a few examples of foam that are commonly used in a typical household.

Conventional foam is the most used type of foam in most households. This type of foam can be seen as sofa and seat fillers. Conventional foam is durable, that it is why it is the best choice for home furniture that we often use. If you have a music or movie room at home, cover the walls with acoustic foam as it helps in improving sound waves while also limiting the sound emitting out of the room. If you could not find the right size and shape of foam, you can always purchase a foam sheet. These polyurethane foam sheets are popular among DIY folks, you can easily cut and measure it to what your project needs.

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