Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona is a lovely destination that is favored by Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch organization. She is a spiritual leader, as well as a teacher and a mentor. She’s written a lot about how to live a life of wealth and abundance. Her group holds meetings each year in a beautiful city where members may network. These are outstanding opportunities to learn about meditation and how to create abundance through connecting to the higher energy of the universe.

Members have previously traveled to cities such as Milan, Kuala Lumpur, and Vancouver, British Columbia. These destinations are remarkable because they have a surplus of historical beauty. The best part is that these areas contain a powerful energy vortex hub that will enhance your meditation experience.

Bell Rock Sedona, Arizona is an amazing city known for its natural beauty. Golden Touch members will enjoy their time as they learn how to utilize spiritual energy to create abundance. The beauty of this location will help participants to unwind and let go of stress. The teachers and mentors at Golden Touch help members learn the various methods of meditation. They are available to teach everyone about using your own personal energy to overcome obstacles that have held you back.

There are powerful forces in the universe that most of us don’t understand. The whole world overflows with abundance. It’s all around us. There are so many plants, animals and trees. There’s so much to learn about our amazing universe. As Zhang Xinyue and her mentors teach, individuals come to realize their potential. Doors will open up and the possibilities will be endless. Zhang Xinyue believes we can create abundance in Bell Rock Sedona, Arizona and she will be there to help members find their way.

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