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The term “organic” describes how agricultural products are produced and processed. Although the regulations differ from country to country, in the US, organic crops must be grown so that synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and bioengineered genes (GMOs) are not used. Instead, crops are grown with natural fertilizers, and pests are managed using natural methods.

The 4 reasons for choosing organic foods are:

Better overall health

Higher food quality comes from organic foods because natural methods are followed to cultivate them, and no chemicals or toxic substances are used. Organic foods are enriched with more beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants than foods grown conventionally. Moreover, people who are allergic to food, chemicals, or preservatives may have fewer or no symptoms when they eat only organic food.

Environment friendly

Different chemical substances are used in conventional food production, which pollute the soil, plants, and underground water and affect the food chain. On the other hand, organic production includes natural cultivation procedures that improve soil fertility, conserve water, and reduce pollution.

Better taste

Apart from better nutrition, organic crops are tasty because they get adequate time to mature, and the taste of organic vegetables and fruits is higher than that of conventional vegetables.

Enhance the immune system

The risk of a decline in the immune system is considerably reduced since organic foods are not altered. Moreover, having a higher vitamin and mineral content helps build a strong immunity that helps us fight against pandemics like COVID-19.

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