A ground power unit provides immediate supply of electricity and has been used widely on different applications. It can serves as a starting unit for airplanes and helicopters to avoid putting strain on its internal battery. There are many types of GPU available in the market nowadays including the diesel electricity hybrid GPU, gas electric hybrid GPU and a portable GPU for travel.

Ground power units are usually available at 24 or 28 volt models. These are powerful enough to start up a railroad locomotive or even a mining equipment! The portable units are lightweight, you can even carry it aboard an airplane. It is also great for camping, a great power source when you are visiting an area where electricity is not readily available. When purchasing a GPU, make sure that you relay the nature of use to the supplier so that they can recommend a unit that will best suit your needs. You may also want to look into units that use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are the latest development in starter units. It can last twice as long as lead acid batteries and is 32 percent smaller which makes it lighter.


Article submitted by Start Pac. Start Pac is one of the leading providers of GPU including starter units, locomotive units, diesel-electric hybrid units and self propelled GPU. Start Pac uses the latest technological advancement in lithium batteries to provide better quality ground power units that will last longer than traditional ones.

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