A recent article published on Foodproductiondaily.com showed how important food packaging is when it comes to consumer satisfaction.  The happier a consumer is with how a food is packaged, the more likely they are to buy that product again.  If a consumer isn’t pleased with the packaging of an item, they might never buy it again.

The majority of customers don’t pay much attention to how a food is packaged, until there is a problem with the packaging.  Consumers often get frustrated when packages rip when opened, when a container is difficult to open, or when the packaging doesn’t keep food fresh.  Multi-layered films, snack bags that easily tear all the way down the bag and jars that are sealed too tight were some of the most cited offenders.

A survey conducted by the Cox School of Business revealed that 80% of consumers have experienced anything from slight frustration to complete rage with how an item was packaged.  Even beyond the fact that consumers often feel annoyed about packaging, it’s also very common for people to receive injuries or illnesses from improper packaging.

Another interesting piece of information from the study was that consumers prefer resealable packages over those that aren’t.  The study showed that consumers will often pass up a bag or box that can’t be resealed and go for one that can be.

While changing the packaging of a product to be more efficient and easy to handle may add costs to production, it is a necessary means to produce a higher level of consumer satisfaction.  Happy customers translate into higher sales of products.

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