They often say we’re unconscious for the most important part of our day. For eight hours at a time, give or take, we close our eyes and are dead to the world while we recharge our batteries. Sleep seems easy enough, of course. It’s instinct, after all, feels great and happens whether we like it or not. But unless we’re investing properly in our bedding, we can often end up worse off than we were when we wake up in the morning.

Many people would benefit from changing their mattress. For example, study after study is beginning to prove that the best option for a mattress is actually foam. Canada, like most places in the world, is slowly waking up to thisfact.

For one thing, foam can be made into any shape or size. If you need a king size mattress, for example, consider a king size memory foam mattress. Obviously, a queen size or smaller is also not an issue.

But it’s not the foam’s size that matters so much as what it does. Unlike springs and other traditional components, foam evenly disperses your weight so you get far more support and less pushback. Springs push back on you in a way that is far harder than foam, leading people to wake up with aches and pains in the morning.


Article submitted by Canada Foam by Mail. They offer every kind of mattress you could need from a king sized silicone variety to a queen size memory foam mattress.

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