Artificial turf has traditionally been used for things like sports stadiums and pet areas. But the combination of cutting edge technology and worldwide recession has forced many companies and individuals to reconsider the uses for artificial turf grass. As more and more are finding out, synthetic turf is a viable option for those who want the look and feel of real grass, without the price.

Companies are popping up all over the world who specialize in “planting” the artificial product wherever the customer wants it. Although they might not be local, these companies have a network of installers and providers they can work with.

Many customers simply live in areas where the real thing isn’t an option. In desert climates, for example, growing real grass can be a Sisyphusian task. First there’s planting grass, which will take an expensive irrigation system all by itself. Then there’s the sun that stays in the sky the majority of the day and pours on UV light. On top of all this, there’s a lack of rain, meaning the irrigation system needs to be used regularly in order to simply keep the grass alive. This can be taxing on a budget and even put to a stop in case of a drought.


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