The United States has long been one of the premier destinations for immigrants of all nations and walks of life to come and work, study, or live – but you will need US Visas to get in and stay legally. The land of opportunity indeed, these visas are not incredibly difficult to get for most people, but there are a couple of things you need to focus on to make sure you application process goes smoothly.

First off, you need to get all of your documentation together. This is critically important if you don’t just want to get a visa but would also like to apply later for US citizenship or fill out an application for US passport. Make certain that you secure all information necessary and pack them with you – copies in duplicate or even triplicate if possible, especially if it’s going to be difficult to secure this kind of information after you leave your home country.

Secondly, you’ll need to begin working and saving money as soon as possible. The fee structure is unique in almost every case, but expects to spend at least $1500 – and that’s assuming you will not need the assistance of a lawyer (sometimes you can find them to work pro bono, but don’t count on it). You’ll also want to do as much research as possible, and tap into the leverage and experience of places like the American Immigration Center Inc. While the process is most often a smooth and relatively quick one, like any other time you’re dealing with a massive governmental body there can be delays and procedures that need clarification and correction. Make sure everything is in line so that you don’t have to waste an time getting into this great country legally.

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