If you’re looking for replacement cushions for a chair, couch, or even an uncommon type of furniture such as a boat mattress, you may be surprised at how much freedom you have to customize your new cushions’ shapes. When looking for new cushions, the first avenue most homeowners pursue is buying replacement cushions sold by their furniture manufacturers. These cushions are designed to fit perfectly in the furniture made by the same manufacturer, so they are most suitable for specific furniture products. While many homeowners can enjoy this convenience, what happens when your furniture has a unique shape that most cushions on the market cannot accurately capture?

If you’re looking for unique cushions such as T-shaped cushions, L-shaped cushions, or window seats, you can usually find these specialty products at custom cushion manufacturers such as The Foam Factory. These manufacturers allow you to customize your cushions by setting measurements for different parts of the cushion, such as the front, back, and center, as well as the inner, back, and outer ear. This style of manufacturing gives you complete control over the length and thickness of your new cushions. If you don’t see your desired shape listed, you can also message the staff at companies like The Foam Factory to specify what shape you need for your furniture.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you can also order a block of foam to craft a foam cushion with your own hands in the comfort of your home. With a tape measure, a sharp knife, and a spray adhesive, you can spend an afternoon making the perfect foam cushion for your unique piece of furniture. When making DIY cushions, it is also important to find the right custom cushion covers that will fit your foam cushions. After measuring your custom cushions, you can find many fabrics with diverse, colorful patterns that can complement your furniture well. If you’d rather not make a cushion cover on your own, there are many online companies like Covers & All and SlipcoverShop.com, which make custom zippered cushion covers according to your specifications.

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