Benches are a rather warming experience to add to any outdoor patio or porch, but the problem is after awhile they can become uncomfortable. Sitting on them will make your back feel stiff, sore, and just unpleasant but it doesn’t have to be. Getting custom cushions isn’t as hard as it sounds, and isn’t as expensive as you might imagine also. Getting a good cushion for lawn chairs, benches, or anything else doesn’t have to be a hassle. Though the foam factory isn’t limited to basic cushions, you can find great replacements for futon frames or even a worn out futon mattress.

In order to get your custom cushions made you’ll first want to know what parts of your furniture or space you want cushioned, so taking a measuring tape get the measurements in both directions, remember if it curves you’ll want to specify that also. Sketch out how you want it to look if you want something fancier. You’ll take your measurements in and either get an uncut piece of foam or cushion, but the easiest way is to get it custom cut and most places will do this for you before shipping. Make sure to find either the best fit or to speak with representatives if you have any special needs or requests.

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