Everyone at some point in life will face a time where their vehicle – no matter what it may be – will need a little extra power to get going. While finding a solution to power issues with vehicles may generally mean any number of work around solutions the issue (such as using jumper cables on cars) in some cases, such as dealing with power issues on large machines, this is not an option. Instead an appropriate ground power unit (GPU) is necessary to allow for portable recharging of the vehicle in order to avoid it being stuck in an area that may not be easy to access otherwise.

 photo GPU-400-600-V1_zps5d8777a1.jpg

When dealing with major engines such as those on airplanes, trains, tanks or military vehicles having a reliable power source that is powerful enough to be able to pump out up to 300 amps over a period of time may mean the difference between returning home in a vehicle or being stuck in one place for a very, very long time.

One such example of a powerful device able to assist with restarting large machinery, designed by Start Pac, is a diesel electric hybrid GPU. Able to continuously deliver power and monitor voltage through an on-board computer system, devices such as this and other portable turbine starting power packs have been used successfully by people in many areas to bolster necessary machine power and get just the right amount of juice they need when they needed it the most – saving them from extreme difficulties they would have faced otherwise trying to find alternative solutions.

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