Learning about your family history can be very exciting. Whether researching your genealogy is just a hobby or you’re serious about developing your research skills, you might wonder whether the information you find will be valuable to anyone else. The answer is yes. Chances are that other people in your family will be just as excited as you are about your ancestors. So what is the best way to celebrate and share your family heritage with the people you love? Here are just a few ideas:

Create a website: The internet is accessible to nearly everyone. It’s also free. So a wonderful way to display and share information about your ancestors is to post it online. Design a website dedicated to your family. You can upload valuable information, your family tree, old photographs and vital documents. In addition to sharing research, the site can also feature blogs and articles written about your family. But you don’t have to host your own site. An easy way to feature your genealogy on the web is to use existing sites that allow you to upload your information. Regardless of how you get your info on the web, sharing your family heritage online is easy and fun. Here are a few examples: Henry Family, Winslow Family History, Tilley Family History, Phineas Upham Family Genealogy, Smith Family Forum, and Turner.

Create and publish a book: Another way to preserve your family’s history is to design and publish a book. The book can feature genealogical research, photographs, charts, and images of important documents. You can ask someone in your family to write a family history or you can even interview grandparents and other family members. The final result is a lasting memory that can be passed down from generation to generation.